The Belleville Historical Society’s Most Important Project Ever

Restoration of the Steeple of the Old Dutch Reformed Church

A National Historic Site established in 1697

The Gospel has been preached and prayers have been offered for more than three centuries at this sacred site…since 1697 the Cross has stood atop the church steeple inspiring hope to generations. The Belleville Historical Society has been associated with the church for almost 40 years. Hosting events, reenactments, giving lectures and tour, fundraising and assisting with maintenance.

During its 325 year ministry this church has offered help to thousands…today this historic church is in desperate need of our help. Last year the church was ordered closed by the Town of Belleville for a period of time and fined for failure to complete work on the church steeple. The church simply did not have the funds to complete the final phase of renovating the steeple. After spending more than a quarter million dollars on the renovations there were no funds left for the installation of the shingles and siding. The church remained subject to being closed and fined again. We were able to reopen upon inspections and a plan proposed for completion of work. Repairs are currently underway but we desperately need to raise at least $75,000. Renting the scaffold alone cost $60,000.

A number of individuals have taken out short term personal loans to begin repairs and prevent the church from being shut down again. Please help us with your prayers and with a donation in any amount and please help share this fundraising campaign. 

The old Belleville Reformed Church is the final resting place of sixty-eight Revolutionary War soldiers and was the site of the Battle of Second River on September 12, 1777. The church also welcomed the first Chinese immigrants  in 1870. Monuments to both of these historic events are located in the churchyard and are celebrated each year.

The men of the American Revolution, War of 1812 and the Civil War who are buried in our churchyard are the inspiration for our Military Monument Restoration Project. During the past five years we have cleaned and restored more than one hundred military memorials throughout northern New Jersey. Please support our work by supporting our historic home.

For more information please contact Michael Perrone, President of the Belleville Historical Society organizer of this Gofundme campaign. Please join us in saving this unique part of American history.

A Look into Our Church and Our Preservation of History

 The Church interior
4th of July celebration
Our Cannon Crew
Musket salute
Chinese Memorial Day Commemoration
Revolutionary War Private Hermanus Brown Monument
 Civil War Captain Henry Benson Gravesite

Our Restoration Work

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